13 Feb 2018

NRC - Rehabilitation of Water Network in Bashiqa


Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) invites bids from competent Suppliers in Iraq

Rehabilitation of water network in Bashiqa sub-district:

RFQ  178265 - Rehabilitation of water network in Bashiqa sub-district

Essential Criteria for the Bidders

  • Company profile indicating key personnel and their contact details
  • Previous experiences undertaking similar projects.
  • Valid trading license from KRI or Iraq and TAX clearance certificate.
  • Sufficient number of machinery and construction equipment.

Remark: The bids that do not meet the essential criteria will not be considered for evaluation.  

The bidders can submitted their bids online http://www.globalesourcing.eu/

The tender is open from 12th February 2018 to 28th February 2018. The Submission Deadline is 28th February 2018 on or before 1600 hrs. Online on http://www.globalesourcing.eu/ 

Only supplier who meet the set criteria and based on their offers will be requested to submit samples for further verification.

Late bids shall be rejected and no liability will be accepted for loss, late delivery or non-delivery, whatsoever. Bids shall be opened after 2 days of the last day of closing the bids at NRC Office in Erbil by the tender committee.

NRC reserves the right to select/reject any bids, in part or full, as it may deem necessary. No liability or claim in that respect would be admissible or entertained whatsoever.

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